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Legal Advice – Contracts and Legal Documents

Anytime a party enters into an important agreement with another party, a written contract should be drawn up and agreed upon. The interpretation of the documents involved in a business partnership or other agreement can often be muddied by the differing perceptions and underlying desires of the two separate parties. When it comes to legal forms and contracts, things are often lost in translation. This is not surprising when contracts and legal forms are created by people who do not fully understand the implications of the legal language used in those contracts and forms.

Contracts and other legal forms must be written in a way that makes them enforceable in the state they are meant to be used in. Likewise, there must be a clear understanding of the language in a contract before you sign anything that could be disadvantageous to you or your business. Seeking legal advice before the document’s creation should always be a consideration to better protect your business.

Jack M. LaPedis has a great deal of experience handling contract disputes, and he can offer the necessary legal advice that will guide the creation and enforcement of a legal document in the right direction. If the document has been created already, Mr. LaPedis can assist in interpreting the language and deciphering how the proposed contract would impact you or your business. It is best to have a clear understanding of the contract terms and its implications.

Mr. LaPedis is also well-versed and experienced in creating new contracts and other legal documents. The benefits of a custom legal document far exceed those of a standardized “form” contract that can be purchased on legal websites. These documents are too generic and many times fail to provide the protection a person or business wants or needs.


Do you have a current dispute that you haven't talked with anyone about?

Do you have a current dispute that you haven't talked with anyone about?