Real Estate

Real Estate Attorney

During the selling and/or buying of a property, a dispute can arise at any moment. Real estate transactions have many moving parts which can cause disputes between the parties involved. Often times, there are many conditions that must be agreed upon, and any one of these conditions can leave room for a misunderstanding. Working with an experienced real estate attorney such as Jack M. LaPedis may be necessary when you want to avoid expensive and extended legal battles.

Real estate disputes can occur during the negotiation period, after a contract has been written, during the selling process, during escrow or even well after escrow has closed. Multiple disputes can happen through various steps of the process, too. It is in the best interest of the parties involved to hire a real estate attorney to sort through any dispute or contract disagreement throughout the transaction.

Jack M. LaPedis has worked with the following parties during a real estate dispute:

  • Buyers
  • Sellers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Mortgage Companies
  • Escrow Companies
  • Home Inspectors
  • Contractors
  • Architects
  • Remodeling Specialists
  • Homeowners
  • Homeowners Associations

Mr. LaPedis specializes in pre-litigation and litigation real estate matters. He is experienced in resolving matters before they reach the courts (pre-litigation) yet has the experience to engage in the litigation process if necessary. However, settling these matters before they reach the court is ideal for all parties involved, and that is the goal that Jack M. LaPedis strives for in every case. As a real estate attorney, he is well-versed on a wide range of legal disputes involving real estate transactions, making him a valued asset.

Are you currently involved or about to be involved in a complicated legal matter involving a piece of property you own or are looking to purchase? Be sure to call 818-308-4565 to schedule your free consultation before you have to enter into any legal proceedings.

Business to Business

Business Attorney

Starting a business is a very exciting time. The rush and adrenaline that surges through your body the moment you decide to venture out on your own is difficult to put into words. You have made the decision to offer the world your very own products or services. You have the location, pricing, and perhaps an investor or two. You even had a business attorney review your contracts and other legal documents, right?

The last step is the one most new business owners leave out, and can become the biggest thorn in their side. A lot of planning goes into opening a business, but very little planning goes into creating a strategy when things go wrong with that business.

Jack M. LaPedis serves as a business attorney to assist in solving business disputes that commonly occur from business-to-business or amongst business partners or owners. When entering a partnership, or any contract agreement, there must be a foundation set and a mutual understanding from both sides. Interpreting a contract agreement can be tricky and contracts are generally filled with legal wording that most people have a hard time understanding.

As a business attorney, Mr. LaPedis has worked hand-in-hand with business owners to get to the bottom of their disputes. He has experience with the following:

  • Negotiating Contract Terms
  • Interpreting Contract Terms
  • Delivery Disputes (Based on Contractual Agreement)
  • Product Shipment Disputes

The goal here is to solve the dispute prior to litigation so that each party can save time before a lawsuit is filed. Mr. LaPedis’ expertise in interpreting and communicating the legality of the terms in the contract is vital when there is a business dispute. It is best to hire an experienced business attorney who can help your business before a legal dispute arises. Mr. LaPedis can help make the contract terms clear, concise and proficient.

Document Review

Legal Advice – Contracts and Legal Documents

Anytime a party enters a business agreement with another party, a written contract should be drawn up and agreed upon. The interpretation of the documents involved in a business partnership or agreement can often be muddied by the differing perceptions and underlying desires of the two separate parties. When it comes to legal forms and contracts, things are often lost in translation. This is not surprising when contracts and legal forms are created by people who do not fully understand the implications of the legal language used in those contracts and forms.

Contracts and other legal forms must be written in a way that makes them enforceable in the state they are meant to be used in. Likewise, there must be a clear understanding of the language in a contract before you sign anything that could be disadvantageous to you or your business. Seeking legal advice before the document’s creation should always be a consideration to better protect your business.

Jack M. LaPedis has years of experience handling contract disputes, and he can offer the necessary legal advice that will guide the creation and enforcement of a legal document in the right direction. If the document has been created already, Mr. LaPedis can assist in interpreting the language and deciphering how the contract would impact you or your business. It is best to have a clear understanding of the contract and its implications so that you’re prepared to attempt to exit the contract or attempt a renegotiation, if need be.

Jack M. LaPedis is also well-versed and experienced in creating new contracts and other legal documents. The benefits of a custom legal document far exceed those of a standardized contract that can be purchased on legal websites. These forms are very generic and many times fail to provide the protection a person or business needs.

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