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Starting a business is a very exciting time. The rush and adrenaline that surges through your body the moment you decide to venture out on your own is difficult to put into words. You have made the decision to offer the world your very own products or services. You have the location, pricing, and perhaps an investor or two. You even had a business attorney review your contracts and other legal documents, right?

The last step is the one most new business owners leave out, and can become the biggest thorn in their side. A lot of planning goes into opening a business, but very little planning goes into creating a strategy when things go wrong with that business.

Jack M. LaPedis serves as a business attorney to assist in solving business disputes that commonly occur from business-to-business or amongst business partners or owners. When entering a partnership, or any contract agreement, there must be a foundation set and a mutual understanding from both sides. Interpreting a contract agreement can be tricky and contracts are generally filled with legal wording that most people have a hard time understanding.

As a business attorney, Mr. LaPedis has worked hand-in-hand with business owners to get to the bottom of their disputes. He has experience with the following:

  • Negotiating Contract Terms
  • Interpreting Contract Terms
  • Delivery Disputes (Based on Contractual Agreement)
  • Product Shipment Disputes

The goal here is to solve the dispute prior to litigation so that each party can save time before a lawsuit is filed. Mr. LaPedis’ expertise in interpreting and communicating the legality of the terms in the contract is vital when there is a business dispute. It is best to hire an experienced business attorney who can help your business before a legal dispute arises. Mr. LaPedis can help make the contract terms clear, concise and proficient.

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