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– Business and Real Estate Lawyer

Jack M. LaPedis is a lawyer with over 22 years of experience who specializes in pre-litigation services. His main focus is the resolution of real estate and business disputes in the fastest and most economical manner possible. Mr. LaPedis understands the rigors of the litigation process and his path of litigation-avoidance is well calculated. Through working in both real estate and business disputes, Mr. LaPedis has garnered a wealth of knowledge and experience while working with a wide array of people in different roles within these cases. He has left no stone unturned in his legal journey thus far, and he continues to soak up knowledge with each matter.

As an experienced senior litigation lawyer with a demonstrated history of working in the law practice industry, Mr. LaPedis has displayed professionalism in the highest of forms. Though he aims to avoid litigation, Mr. LaPedis is experienced in litigation in the fields of Real Estate, Business, Professional Malpractice, Personal Injury, Construction and general litigation. His deep understanding of the process allows him to enter litigation, however, as aforementioned; he would rather avoid it to save his clients the time and the costs that go into the litigation process.

Through his time as a lawyer, Mr. LaPedis has represented (and continues to represent) clients that include: buyers, sellers, real estate agents and brokers, insurance agents and brokers, escrow agents and companies, home inspectors, general contractors, subcontractors, homeowners, homeowners associations, business owners and little leagues. He is always eager to represent new clients so that there is continual progress and growth. The journey never ceases as he is constantly looking to take on new challenges.

Jack M. LaPedis is originally from the Bay Area and graduated from the University of California, Irvine and the Pepperdine University School of Law. He practices in California and is well-versed and experienced in State, Federal and Appellate Courts.

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